C.J.'s Beach Bays has been taking care of my fleet of vehicles since C.J. took over the business several years ago from Toddy. The professionalism and expertise can not be found elsewhere and I can always count on my repairs being correct. In the event of an emergency, C.J. has always respected my needs and taken care of business. Plus C.J. and his staff are now my friends.

- Paul DeVilbiss
DeVilbiss Landscape Architects, Inc.

I feel very fortunate to be a regular client of C.J.'s Beach Bays. The friendly front desk staff listens carefully to my description of the vehicle's issues, and the mechanics are knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient as they solve those issues. Very good customer communication is maintained while the vehicle is being serviced, so that I am notified of anything unexpected. In addition, when I pick up my car, everything is clearly outlined and thoroughly explained. C.J.'s Beach Bays is excellent!

-Edie Herron

C.J. Bailey has been my trusted auto mechanic for over 25 years through 6 cars and 800,000+ miles. He runs his full service, professional shop with dependable and knowledgeable service managers and mechanics. In an emergency or when extra help is needed they always perform! I would recommend C.J.'s Beach Bays to anyone.

R. Barry Nance
Lewes, DE

I want to thank the staff, C.J. and Karen for all their personal concern and attention to my 1999 Chevy Prism and any problem that I bring to the office. When I drive my car to C.J.'s I leave the office with a feeling of trust and confidence in the professional people that treat me with respect.

-Ellen and Skip H.
Lewes, DE

I am so pleased my Prius was one of your first complex repairs on a hybrid vehicle. This letter is meant as a "thank you" and encouragement to future customers. Here are the main kudos:

  1. C.J. and Al did their homework - hours of researching internet sources, making phone calls, finding cost-saving parts, and studying the options.
  2. Communication - C.J. made timely and lengthy phone calls after hours explaining and describing the problems and possible solutions. He gave me understandable information so I could make repair decisions with him.
  3. Commitment to developing hybrid car repair - C.J. invested in up-to-date equipment to better analyze the system malfunctions. He and Al trained themselves on how to fix the vehicle with confidence, better than a dealership.
  4. Customer services - C.J. and Karen always treated me with respect and maintained a professional manner. All the work was completed on time and thoroughly.
  5. Value - C.J. was accurate with the cost estimates and kept me informed of any changes. The total repair costs were much less than what a dealership would have charged.

Use C.J. for all your hybrid repairs and tell all your friends. He has my permission to give you my number if you want to chat.

- Ann Couzens
Lewes, DE